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Fundraising by students in the United Kingdom


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Since the beginning of Lent, the young school students and their teachers from the Bishop Wordsworth’s School in Salisbury in the UK have been thoughtfully collecting money for books to donate to Friends of Likir. They’ve been at it for days and have been appealing to people in and around the school whenever time permits. Recently, they even drew up some posters to support this precious endeavour. We’d like to thank them for taking out the time to do all of this.

Their small steps have made a big difference, in fact they so far have successfully managed to raise about £542.50 which is approximately INR 43,999. What a marvellous gesture on behalf of all them!

Friends of Likir would like to thank each and every one of you wonderful people, teachers, students and parents at the school. We hope we all get to meet each other in the near future! O’ju-Le.